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Spring is here! Its time to plan your garden!

After a dreary depressing winter Spring is here!  Not to mention the wonderful weather we are having today and expecting for the rest of the week.  Its time to plan your garden!

I’m tempted to get outside and start raking away the residue from the long winter.  There are leaves to clean up that were missed in the Fall, plants to trim and mulch to replenish.  Experts advise not to remove the leaves and garden debris until later in Spring when we are sure the weather will stay mild.  This debris helps to keep your plants warm and cozy on cold nights and protects the living creatures that live within the leaves over the winter.  These “bugs” can be beneficial for your plants.

Look around

Take a look at your garden and recollect what grew last year and what didn’t grow.  Also, what you didn’t like that grew.  Its a good time to plan your replacements, if necessary.

Order bulbs and seeds

If you haven’t yet, its time to order bulbs and seeds.  Keep in mind that there will be a larger than usual demand for both of these this year given the rejuvenated popularity of gardening during the pandemic.  Last year we saw a shortage of seeds because people were buying them up during lockdown.

Read the instructions on the seed packets to find out how long to germinate and when its best to start them inside.  Starting them too early, like I did last year, will create long leggy plants that didn’t do very well once planted outdoors.


Research any new plants you might want to make sure that they will grow well in your soil and lighting conditions.  A plant that needs full sun won’t grow very well in the shade.

Keep the “kids” as I call them, warm.

I know that we all get excited when the warm weather comes and its tempting to uncover the plants and/or trees that you covered for the winter.  Don’t be fooled.  It still gets cold at night and these plants may still need to cover up for the night.  If you want to uncover them through the day, don’t forget to keep the cover nearby so you can cover them up for the night.


Check your garden tools to look for any that may need replacement or repair.  I break them and leave them out in the rain regularly.

I’m getting old

Consider your age and physical condition.  I love gardening but my knees aren’t loving it!  I’ll be looking for gardening methods that will put less pressure on my knees.  Tools with long handles should give me some relief from kneeling on the ground.


Take it outside on a nice day soon, get it started.  If it doesn’t start, its a good time to get it repaired.  You don’t want to wait until its needed and find out the repair centre is booked up.


Check your deck for loose boards or needed repairs.  Maybe its time to replace it.  I have mortgage options that can help fund a deck renovation.  Maybe pay off some debts while your at it.

Sorry, had to slip that in.  I couldn’t be more obvious!  Contact me for details.

Above all, enjoy the gardening season!  Its too short!

Written by Anne Martin


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