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Mortgage Expert TMG The Mortgage Group
Mortgage Expert TMG The Mortgage Group

Mortgage Services

First Time Buyers Mortgage

My mission is to help you through this process, trying to make sure that you do not get overwhelmed. Now, more than ever, financial institutions are regularly launching new products and programs, making it easier to get into that new home sooner. I will coach you through the mortgage process.

Home Purchase Mortgage

The purchase of a home is the largest purchase most people make during their lifetime. As a mortgage professional I want to make each and every purchaser aware of the many mortgage options available to them prior to their purchase and closing date. 

Self Employed Mortgage

Proving self-employment income, and income stability for the years to come, can be difficult for some business owners. Mortgage professionals are experienced in finding mortgages for the self employed.

Mortgage Renewal

While most Canadians spend a lot of time, and expend a lot of effort, in shopping for an initial mortgage, the same is generally not the case when looking at mortgage term renewals. Homeowners should never accept the first rate offer from their existing lender.


Whether you want to supplement your retirement, renovate your home, or help out the kids – accessing equity from your property could give you the financial flexibility you want. Whether you need to access the money right away or bolster your economic stability for the future, I can help.

Reverse Mortgage

When most of us dream of retirement, we imagine ourselves in our homes – sharing a meal with family or just relaxing in a comfortable spot. But retirement can also bring financial strain. Seniors often face the challenge of managing with less cash flow than they anticipated.

Second/Private Mortgage

A private first or second mortgage can improve your financial well being! Its not just an expensive means to an end. As a reputable mortgage agent/broker, I will advise you when your circumstances require you to enter into a private first or second mortgage.

Home Improvement Mortgage

A home improvement mortgage can be used to renovate your new home purchase or take out equity to improve your existing home.  Ask me how that works!

Bruised Credit

As credit has become more and more abundant in our society, your credit report, and thus your credit rating, has become more important in your daily life.  Your home can help you recover from a “bruised credit” situation.


Getting separated and divorced is tough but your mortgage shouldn’t be.  I can help you navigate through the process.

Investment Property

Investing in real estate can have the best return on your investment.  Picking the right mortgage can contribute to your success.

Construction Mortgage

Coming Soon

Mortgage Expert TMG The Mortgage Group

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